Disclaimer: Ok, sit down, or hold onto something, because this is the fu**ing truth, and yes, I am going to use swear words. If you can't handle the truth or if you can't stand the use of swearwords, please don't read this. 

My background: Just recently, I celebrated my 8th year of being a vegan (Vegans call this veganiversary, mine is on August 21, 2017). And to be honest from the very beginning until now, I had ups and downs being a vegan. Here are different stages that I went through in these past eight years: At first, I was the "Super-Vegan" that couldn't be more vegan. Vegan as fuck. I wanted my friends and my family to become vegan too, I tried to veganize them. I wanted to save the whole world. Then there were times where I was the vegan:"as long as I am vegan, I am doing enough - I don't care what anybody else eats and supports." It went that far, that I turned meat on a bbq for my friends while they were standing beside me. I couldn't care less, the only thing I was looking at, was my own plate. 

I know deep down (especially since I am in this yoga thing where everyone talks about peace and love and ahimsa and shanti shanti shanti) that everyone thinks for himself/herself. And no - I don't want to force anyone to live his/her life like i live my life. Why? Because I myself made that decision free and without anyone talking me into it. Nobody attacked me or pointed a gun to my face and said: "Go vegan or else I am going to kill you." Deep down, I know that you can not force anyone to do anything. They have to want to do it

Trust me, if I can say one thing for sure, this is it: I have never physically or psychologically felt better than after making the change to a vegan diet. The health benefits alone are simply amazing: My skin was smoother, my digestion is easy, my mind is clear. As far as I can tell, I feel like I am mentally stable. I don't get upset easily, I am smiling more than being in a bad mood or stressed. You know, it just feels good, not to rely on animals when it comes to filling my fridge. Not to use animals for the taste and the satisfaction. Really, even my physical activities and my energy level improved, ever since being vegan I was active, I trained for triathlons, I ran, I cycled, I hiked, I did yoga. And after eight years, I don't have a lack or protein, b12 or died because of an iron deficiency. My teeth are good, my hair, my nails.
I am thankful for not leaving a big ecological footprint: Are you aware of how much water is used to produce one fucking hamburger? 660 gallons btw. Are you aware of how much wheat and oats a cow gets before she is big enough for the slaughterhouse? Its 100 pounds per day! Do you know that there are still 4 children dying every minute because they have no access to food?
I am so thankful that I made the connection and living a life while harming the environment and the planet as less as possible. Just by not taking away the egg from the chicken, the milk from the cow and the fish from the ocean. 

One story, just because I was vegan when I was still in high school. We had some sort of religious education and I still remember sitting in the class room thinking to myself: "What the fuck am I doing here - I am fucking wasting my time." These stories that we've read in that old and dusty book called bible just didn't make any sense to me at all. Why should I pray? Hope for the good? Going to church every sunday and repeating the same stupid words and hoping for a better world, but not changing a single thing?! Do you understand this?
This is a question for anyone that still believes in christianity, or islam or buddhism, or any other religion: Do you think god/buddha/allah/[whatever you call your god] would be proud of us, sitting there and praying but not doing anything for a positive change in the world?
Seriously I never had respect for these people; wasting there precious time praying and kneeling down and hoping but not doing anything actively. In fact, where I grew up, people used to go to a restaurant and have meat or fish after church. What the fuck?

Long story short: In the last eight years, going vegan was the best decision I ever made in my life. I never regretted it. Never. Its a win win. For everyone. The planet, the animals, my health, for everyone. 

And yes, there's my ego that just wants to yell the message and tell everyone how awesome they will feel and how good it is. My ego just wants to make everyone go vegan. But I am who I am and I am not you. So if you are not vegan and if you are not planning on becoming a vegan, that's something that I will accept. I see the world from my perspective. For you, not being a vegan might make more sense. I have to accept this.

And then there are these moments where my vegan volcano just explodes. Like, when I am at a coffee shop and I order a matcha latte with soy milk (which in most coffee shops is more expensive than a regular cow's milk matcha - even though it should really be cheaper, because the process to produce soy milk is far easier than raising, feeding and milking a cow, making it pregnant and giving it medications, ...); well my matcha latte arrived on my table, it looked beautiful and it had a nice milk foam, but later - as I am talking to the barista, she tells me that there is milk powder blended in the matcha powder. Hello?! This is crazy - in my opinion (please tell me if I'm wrong) I should be told while ordering, that there is milk powder in the matcha blend, especially when I ask for a milk alternative (soy milk). What about all these people with a dairy intolerance? It's fucking 2017 and we are not in the middle age anymore. And if someone wants to tell me now, that not every coffee shop knows about the existence of veganism - no. They offered vegan cookies and advertised them with a vegan tag.

It's fucking stupid and these situations make me angry. It seems like us vegans always have to be nice to everyone and respect their decisions to still consume animals but vise versa nobody really seems to respect our decision. 

Think of this: If someone lights up a cigarette beside me, nobody would roll his eyes because I walk away so I don't have to inhale the stinky cigarette smell. If someone sits down beside me and starts eating a donair and I walk away because I am disgusted, everyone calls me a "militant vegan". What the fuck?

But vegans are a little group of hippies that want to save the world. We have to be quiet. Peaceful. Never mention that we are vegan. We are not allowed to talk about slaughterhouses and animal abuse at the table because that is not polite. It makes Omnivores' (Omnivore is someone that still consumes all sorts of animal products) food taste shit. "Please don't tell me this, I don't wanna hear it!"

One day I was wearing my sea shepherd hoodie and some guy came over and said: "Did you know that the first ever sea shepherd boat sank right at the start or their mission to Japan?" He laughed in my face. I looked at him, and asked him if he thinks that this is funny. When the titanic sank, nobody was laughing. He explained, that just another "peace organization" of a little group of hippies that tried to change something, failed. I simply said, that he can enjoy these facts as long as there is still fish in the ocean. Well, again I was the stupid vegan girl that can't laugh about a joke. Why so serious?

Another stupid question that I got asked a lot in the past is: "Is it ok for you if I sit here by you and eat my sandwich with bacon and cheese?" No, I don't fucking force myself to be vegan everyday, I am not a victim. I don't cry myself into sleep because just another sad day passed. Imagine me sitting down at the same table with meat eaters and asking them: "Hey guys, is it ok for you if I sit down here while eating my vegan burrito or do you emotionally feel attacked by that?"

Just a quick message to everyone that still consumes animal products: Please please please inform yourself. Get the facts about how many animals die, and how many resources they use. What it does to the world, what it does to the health. Inform yourself. It's so easy to laugh. When you laugh, you feel stronger and that helps you. But instead of joking about it, think about this: If you want to have kids, then please leave them a planet where they have a good life. Where they don't have to fight for food or water. And please show a little bit respect for the ones amongst your friends or family that live a vegan lifestyle. They have heard all the stupid jokes about vegans and veganism already. It's nothing new, and it's just funny for you. Most vegans don't fucking care what other people think about them. 

And for me personally: I don't care what you eat. I care about your diet as much as I care about your sport activities, the car you drive or how you wear your hair. I don't have to care about you later. I don't have to pay for your chairlift when your arteries are stuffed and your liver is done because of detoxing all the shit. There is only one reason why I still fight for more people eating a vegan diet: The world. Scientists found out that the only way this world will make it into the next couple centuries is by changing the lifestyle. Do it for yourself and your body and health. Do it for future generations. Do it to save resources or do it for the animals. 

And yes, this might be a little rant but I needed that. And I can do it. This is my blog and I know my readers. They don't take it personal. If you took anything personal, I apologize. I just can't be the peaceful yogi all the time that says namaste and shanti to everything. You know - if someone attacks a little kid on the street, I fucking do something against it. I just hate injustice and I will never be tired fighting for it. 

Like bananablondie said in her video (please watch this, I am so with her in every aspect): You know, if you don't wanna be vegan. Don't be vegan. I will still love you. But you should at least have to good sense, to be slightly embarrassed about it.