My intention was to add in as many vegan documentaries as possible into a post, that is about a magazine. Sorry, not Sorry. 

However, this magazine earns some serious credits. Its 96 colored pictures are full of interviews, success stories, expert tips and other interesting stories. For me, the craziest fact is, that there are over 70 delicious vegan and healthy recipes in this single magazine. You might think, US$ 9.99 is expensive? With that many recipes, I can call it a cookbook. Also its not financed by advertisements because its completely ad-free. Forks over knives calls it a "Bookazine"

I attached you a recipe down below, which shows how to prepare the burrito bowl from the front cover. Copyright Forks over knives. 

Get your copy before June 26th! You can order it online and the shipping is worldwide. I don't get paid for this, haha.
If you live in the States or in Canada you can also check out Save On, Walmart, Safeway or other grocery shops that sell magazines, or bookstores.

I can totally recommend it. BTW: Imagine the world was vegan. Impossible? And here comes a free tip: Watch this movie about it