I found Loverope on Instagram. Loverope, is a customized simple individually handcrafted bracelet, that reminds you of exactly what you want to be reminded of. 

Whenever you look on your hands, you can read the words on your Loverope - and yes, thats a good way of reminding yourself. Lucky as I am, I won a Loverope thanks to a Giveaway, and mine says now the words Vegan, Love and Namaste. These are three little reminders, that are very important to me.

Vegan: Veganism is not only my way of eating food. I don't need to be reminded to eat vegan food instead of non-vegan food. ;-) The word Vegan is a daily reminder of being active, and spreading the vegan message.

Love: Love reminds me of loving myself. For me, its always easier to give Love to others than receiving it from myself. In this case, my biggest challenge is to think positive about myself. 

Namaste: Namaste is a word I really got to know in my Yoga Teacher Training. Translated it means: 'I see the Light in you.' It helps me realize that there is the same light in everyone of us, and it helps me being less judgmental. It's also a good proof that there are things, words, and sayings that I know for a very long time, but it takes some time to really get the full understanding of what it means (to myself).

If you are interested to create and order your own Loverope, check it out here
(worldwide shipping, $20.95)


What I personally really appreciate is the use of Vegan Leather. 

I also want to thank Chris from Loverope, he answered some questions for my blog. You can read the full interview here. Just a quick spoiler: You can feel his wisdom in his answers!

1. Before we get into this, could you introduce yourself and give one fact about yourself that you really love.

Hey I’m Christian and one fact about me is that i put Love above anything else.

2. Can you tell us what the idea behind LoveRope.bracelet is and how this project has started? 

Sure, I grew up in an entrepreneurial family (my parents have a family business selling mushrooms & berries - importing and exporting them) and my dad overtook that business from my grandfather, but he was never really happy with it although it brought good financial returns - sooo I thought to myself: “Well no matter what I do in the future it will be something that will make me happy despite of the money I earn and things I do." So i went out into the world and created myself through post-its sought out to make the world a happier place through a 12.000 mile road trip and now I am creating my own bracelet that shall spread the love. 

3. Do you believe in the power of mantras? Do you think we need a daily reminder of being positive? 

Thoughts = Words = Actions = Reality

So if you ask me if Mantras are power I would say Mantras = Reality

We all need a daily positive reminder to love ourselves everyday a little more - this can come in form of a person/situation oooor a little bracelet in my case :)

4. Do you think meditation is important? Does it help us to manifest what we want to experience in life?

Meditation creates space for your divine vessel to receive (informations, manifestations, guidance)

Manifestation is an essential tool for our human experience - many things can be experienced so much better and richer when they are manifested - like how it is to be an entrepreneur and have your own company or startup or blog or prodcut

5. How important is gratitude in your opinion? 

Gratitude = Start of all Abundance

If we don’t foster Gratitude daily we are walking a way of these abundant mentality and you know where we end up when we don’t direct our thoughts in a positive direction (thoughts = reality)

6. Are you vegan? (if yes, when and why did you make the transition?)

I am not vegan, I am vegetarian. I was vegan for 3 months but then gave it up due to social settings and frequent travelling/non-availability to get pure vegan choices - that might change in the future. India is a great country to eat 100% Vegetarian all the time.

7. Is there anything you want to say? 

Yes, follow your dreams. They are all possible. Take baby-steps and leave. your. mark. You are unique just like everyone else. Thank you soso much for your time & effort to read that.

You can reach me via:

www.chrisitianmauerer.com - www.loverope.net www.instagram.com/christianmauerer - www.instagram.com/loverope.bracelet

Eternal Love & Blessings