Before I get to the point, I want to say one more thing. The fact, that I’m overthinking a lot of things is not new to me. And if you can relate to that, don’t worry. This is not a bad thing and I think it happens to all of us, who travel a lot. We travel in our minds. The more “new moments” we experience in the outside, the more we reflect in the inside. And it can be a big distraction. Some days I feel like I am very busy but I’d still need two or three more hours to sit on my blog, write a recipe or do simple work like the laundry.

And then I end up being frustrated. That I wasn’t able to finish a project or work on my ideas. Sometimes I even get upset about myself and I feel like I’m wasting my time instead of being productive. Oh the patience…

The truth is: Change or transition needs time. And this is a good thing. We are humans, and as humans we don’t like to get things ‘for free’ or too easy. We can’t really appreciate them. Think about the love: Nobody is interested in a person that is ‘too easy’ to get. We want to fight for love.

People that win the lottery spend most of their money in the first year after they won. They don’t appreciate the money. Only the money one works for is money that one really appreciates. 

The solution is 90% less is 10% more. And here is it again. The p-word we don’t like, ‘patience’.

Less is more. Short-cuts are no option. Slow down 90% and focus on the 10%. 

Focus on the 10% that bring joy to you, when it comes to your job. Really concentrate on them. If you don’t like what you do, but you enjoy talking to the customer, really focus on the communication. Here are the 10% that you focus on. And you will get really good on these 10% and it might be able to find a new job in the long term.

  • Focus on the 10% of the healthy foods that you really enjoy eating and create recipes with them. These foods will become your new basis for a healthy lifestyle and the foundation for your diet. Talking about me, I love sweet potatoes. I could eat them every day. I also love chickpeas, avocados and tomatoes. So as long as there are sweet potatoes and chickpeas, avocados and tomatoes in the house, there is no excuse to eat unhealthy. 
  • Find the 10% that you love to do in your relationship. If you love to cook for your partner, then really focus on that and put all your love into the food you prepare. Maybe decorate the food on the plate even nicer. Your partner is going to taste the difference. 
  • Find the 10% of exercise and do more of it. You hate swimming and running and all you love is yoga? Then go for it and do yoga every day. Maybe you will try different styles after a while and evolve. There is no need for everyone to become a triathlete that runs, bikes, swims and goes to the gym. But if triathlons are your passion, then off with you on your bike, or whatever you will start with. 
  • Find the 10% of your books that you love reading and read them again. You get way more out of it than if you would force yourself to read new books that you don’t enjoy reading. 
  • Find the 10% of your friends that you love to meet and spend more time with them. 
  • And last, but not least: Find the 10% of the day that are just for you. Don’t do anything else in these 10% than focusing on yourself. If this means taking a bath at night, or walking the dog or meditating. Maybe it means going for a run by yourself, maybe it means cooking some delicious food just for yourself. Maybe it means singing loud to the radio in the car. Amongst all, we should never forget to look after ourselves. Find at least 10% of the day that you have with yourself.


If you concentrate on the 10%, that you like and that you are good in, everything will become easier. It will help you transform into a better version of yourself. It will help you smile more, be healthier, fitter and comparing yourself to nobody else than you (in the past). 


You don’t need to forget about the 90%, but just take it easy. Focus on the 10% that you love and it will make a big difference.