Seriously? Nothing is more frustrating than setting a goal, visualizing something that we want to work toward, but ending up getting not even a little closer to becoming who we want to become or reaching our goal. 

First of all, we loose focus. And that can have several different reasons. The main problem I figured, is that my goal is a very big goal because I like to think big. But instead of focusing on the little steps I have to take to reach my main goal, I want too much too soon and that's where I loose myself. Even the enthusiasm I feel in the beginning doesn't last very long. The focus is gone. And once I realize that things don't work out the way I want them to be, I get frustrated and give up. Or I distract myself. The next time I remember having that goal is New Year's Eve and I start to repeat myself.

So this year, I set myself smaller goals, that are easier to reach and therefore better to achieve "the big goal". For example, I want to be more productive in the next year. I want to catch myself in moments that I just do pointless things because I am bored. These are the moments when I loose precious time that I should invest in myself, in my projects. And I don't want to say that distractions are a bad thing, everyone needs to chill and relax every once in a while, but if that's the case, I want to do it consciously. 

The next point that keeps me from reaching my goals is life. Sometimes life just has different plans. And then we have to adapt to these changes and redefine our intentions or set new goals, adjust them to the new circumstances. In these moments that can be either positive or negative, we have to look forward, we have to do the very best we can do in that situation. It's so important not to give up. Not to loose yourself in excuses. 

There are no such perfect moments. In the end we don't need to start living the way we want to live after a certain date, event or when the new year starts. In the end the first day of the new year is just another day. We can start now.

My goals for this new year are simple, but I list them below. Maybe you feel inspired.

- Write more blogposts

- Keep my Instagram up to date

- Write down my thoughts and beliefs

- Working on my yoga skills

- Working on my minimalism, less is more

- Less distractions and more focus

- More quality time with my friends and family

- More gratitude, less complaints