If you are realized, pray to get, what you need and not what you want. Because eventually it will come to you. What really helped me was getting conscious about my wishes. 

What you aim for, is not only what you direct your energy and motivation on, but also what lifts you up. Be very mindful. Be positive, and don't beg. Rather concentrate on being rightful. 

Remove the negatives. One person told me once: The universe does not understand 'No' or 'not'. Frame your sentence differently and avoid these words. For instance, you might wish for good health instead of getting sick.

Be specific. Wish for whatever you wish for, but when imagining your dream life, be as specific as possible. By doing that, you will automatically manifest it. Feel how you would feel if your wish would become true right now. 

Evil karma strikes back. Don't wish ill for anyone because it will hit you first.

The next step is easy. Disconnect from your wish, once you have spoken or thought it. The reason is simple: The more we think about the wish, the more we fear that it might not come true. And again, the energy that is directed to the wish becomes rather negative than positive. By disconnecting from our wishes, we keep it neutral. 

Coming back to the very first idea, remember that whatever you want or need in your life is already yours. We just need to connect with it. For example, if you are looking for a good partner, treat yourself the way you want to be treated by him or her, and set the intention that whoever is connected on a deep level will come into your life. You are not waiting for an angel to fall down from heaven. This person already exists.  And he or she will come into your life. 

Establish the emotional basis and the feelings that you would have if your wish would come true right now, even if it seems to be far away. Right now is the time to set a positive intention.