let me tell you something: Whatever you feel powerless, don't give up.

There is hope. And there are easy ways to discover and reinforce your power. Right now.

1. Look after yourself. This has to be number one on my list. If you are not happy, healthy feeling good, you can't do best for others. This one starts with three simple but essential points: Sleep well and enough (good sleep is the best, seriously!), eat healthy foods and drink enough and last but not least, move your body (not moving ourselves makes us feel like we are just turning around and around not going anywhere in life). And then spend time with your friends and have good conversations. Good conversations nourish our soul and creativity. Also don't forget to rest. If you look after yourself in the first place, you will still have enough energy to give to others. If you need time for yourself, take the time. Come back when you are ready. 

2. Educate yourself. This is so so so important. If you want to be listened to in whatever manner, you have to be professional in the topic. Get as much knowledge, collect information, watch documentaries, read books, listen to podcasts, etc. Someone might be interested and will then have questions and you need to be able to answer those questions. The more knowledge you have, the more people will listen to you and respect you. Know the statistics, talk in facts and no question, you will be persuasive. Its sexy to be educated. Also work on your strategies about how you talk to people. If its something you are really burning for, be careful. Too much passion can be a turn-off. Too many arguments might feel like getting punched in the face. On the other side there are some people that you need to be excited talking to, otherwise the conversation gets boring for them. Try to read your opposite like a book and try to understand what the best way is to talk to him/her. Feel yourself into the other person. 

3. Think of solutions. I know, sometimes it seems like there is no solution whatsoever. Let me tell you one thing. If you are not the change, who else will be. Someone has to start and if you already think different, think positive. Imagine the future as you want it to be. If you hate plastic bags, don't just look around and hate all the plastic bags sou see and all the people using them. Stop using them. From now on and forever. There will be a way around using them. Use social media to show everyone that, if you can do it, everyone can do it. Share your experiences. Find people that think different, like you. Together you find a solution. Nobody has ever built an electric car by himself all alone. Create a Facebook page or a WhatsApp group and talk about your ideas with friends.