1) My recovery was way better than the recovery of my non-plant-based gym buddies.

2) I was constantly thinking about protein, how to get more protein and on top of that I was tracking my calories on an app called „My Fitness Pal“ just to ensure that I eat enough calories and enough protein.

Now, over three years later, I feel so much better, not following these crazy weight lifting plans and smashing in the protein shakes, protein bars and tofu blocks (Yes, I was eating a whole silk tofu block mixed with one scoop soy vanilla protein for lunch). Out of my personal experience I can say that eating these huge amounts of protein has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. 

I am convinced that there is nothing like a protein deficiency existing. Nobody has ever died because there was a lack of protein. I understand that there is a huge industry behind the myth that incorporating more protein into the diet will make you gain and keep muscles easier (this one is often used for men’s protein product advertisements) or it will satisfy you longer so that you need less food throughout the day and will lose body fat (this one is used especially for women’s protein product advertisements).

In the end all we need is plants. One cup of lentils contains so much protein, even rice is full of it. Did you know that one lemon contains 16% protein? There is literally no food that contains no protein. As long as you eat enough food, you won't be suffering from a protein deficiency.

And, last but not least, people forget or often just don’t know that humans can’t use the complete protein from the food they eat. First the body has to take it apart into the single amino acids, then the body builds its own protein. So technically it would be totally fine not to eat any protein at all (which is not possible, because as I mentioned, any food contains at least a little protein) but simply eat amino acids. Amino acids are found in fruits, dark leafy greens and vegetables, in anything. That would explain why I didn’t die of a protein deficiency six years ago when I was on a raw vegan diet for one year eating mainly fruits, dark leafy greens, nuts and vegetables.

So enjoy your pumpkin soup tonight because it is full of deliciousness and protein.