How to make a difference.

You're wondering, what is the idea of life? How do I even make a difference? What is actually going on? Why do I work my ass off? Trying to effect a meaningful change in any topic can leave you feeling powerless and frustrated. Maybe you don't have enough followers whilst others already have a community. It seems impossible to change someone else's mind for the better. But..

Worlds bestest cherry pie inspired by Katy Perry

Katy Perry's new song called 'Bon Appetit' is out. She published the new single together with her own cherry pie recipe and on the day after the release, fans could meet her in New York at a food truck giving out of her Cherry Pie. For me as a food-addict and hobby cook/baker, this was something I had to try.

Well... you know me, I always have to change recipes up and I did it here too. So as Katy Perry makes the "worlds best cherry pie", I make the "worlds bestest cherry pie". Check it out!

Less is more.

This post is probably more important to myself than to anyone else. Right now, there are a lot of changes in my life and at the same time, I feel like I’m turning around and around till I end where I am already right now. I feel like I’m moving a lot but nothing is moving.

And I want to share the solution with you, that I figured out just now.

MEET in Gastown / MEET on Main

Hey, if you ever come to Vancouver, this should be on you top ten to-do list. Meet in Gastown or Meet on Main. I can totally recommend this restaurant, and now I'll tell you why.

How your wishes come true.

In a yoga class, I heard the following sentences: "Wishing or asking for something actually disconnects you more from becoming or having it, than not wishing or asking for it. The reason is, that when we wish or ask for something, we set the intention that we don't have it already."

This thought really sticks in my mind and since then, I have thought about it and I came to the following conclusion:

The New Forks Over Knives Magazine

Forks over Knives is a really good documentary about the health benefits of a plant based whole foods diet. If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it on iTunes, Amazon or on Netflix. Recently the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy released a documentary called 'What The Health' that uncovers more facts about how massive the impact of vegan food on our health is. You can watch it here

Valentines Day?

We are now at that time of the year again when people go crazy in proclaiming their love for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. But putting aside all the commercial hype, just what is really going on here?

Loverope - a simple individual positive reminder

Dear Readers,

I am very pleased to finally start this english blog! Besides some technical issues I was dealing with a full schedule so I just couldn't really get myself to write and post.

But I really want this blog to be filled with quality, with things I want to share and thoughts I have at the moment, than just being all about creating content and promoting things to make money.

Or, to say it in a positive way, I want to be who I am and I want to share whats happening in my mind. Be who you are is a message that we should all remind ourselves - everyday.
One way to do so, is Loverope.