Plastic reduction tips

I wanted to write this blogpost for a long time. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of this topic: Plastic. I feel like, every time I start to discuss it with someone, most people just roll with their eyes. They think: Let’s focus on what is actually important, plastic is not on their list.  

I don’t want to sound negative in this post, however I think it is relevant to talk it out. 

The fact is: I try to avoid plastic as much as possible. I’m far away from being a perfect example. My toothbrush is made of plastic. And some foods I buy are wrapped in plastic. My shampoo comes in a plastic bottle.

Still, I find myself turning around in the supermarket in slow motion – and I feel like an alien.

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Moist and delicious fat free vegan Bananacake

Ok this is the best vegan fat free Bananacake I've ever made. Even if you are not vegan, even if you don't care about fat, check this out!

The batter alone is so tasty and I love the simplicity of it. Adding cups of liquid butter used to gross me out, so this is my new alternative for a fast and easy cake.

This is actually a diet cake, considering there is no fat in it, I calculated the macros. 

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Everything has changed. Yoga Teacher Training

I used to think quite different, when someone started to talk about yoga.
Yoga. That weird thing describing an activity somewhere in between Massage, therapy and some Buddhists sitting on round pillows meditating. I didn’t really get the point...


Update: Summer-Hair.

Summer is great in so many ways. But there are also things that suck: Humidity, being drenched in sweat before you even arrive at work and endless heat. I used to wear my hair in a bun most of the time. In the office, the only hairstyle I could do, was a half-up, half-down where you divide your hair into two parts and the upper part is put together in a little pony tail. My biggest challenge: I have a little crown on my front part that doesn't allow me to have bangs or wear my hair down.


Summer Cake: Chocolate - Strawberry - Vanilla

This is - in my opinion - THE cake for the summer 2017. Its simple, you get the ingredients almost everywhere, and its delicious. It only takes 25-30 Minutes in the oven, while you can prepare the frosting and cut the strawberries. So you can serve it in under 40 minutes after you start mixing the ingredients! Here is the recipe for you.


How to make a difference.

You're wondering, what is the idea of life? How do I even make a difference? What is actually going on? Why do I work my ass off? Trying to effect a meaningful change in any topic can leave you feeling powerless and frustrated. Maybe you don't have enough followers whilst others already have a community. It seems impossible to change someone else's mind for the better. But..


Movie "Embrace" - Should we really say goodbye to the thigh gap

Yesterday I finally watched the movie 'Embrace'. What I like about it and what I don't like about it? Well, there are a few things...

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Worlds bestest cherry pie inspired by Katy Perry

Katy Perry's new song called 'Bon Appetit' is out. She published the new single together with her own cherry pie recipe and on the day after the release, fans could meet her in New York at a food truck giving out of her Cherry Pie. For me as a food-addict and hobby cook/baker, this was something I had to try.

Well... you know me, I always have to change recipes up and I did it here too. So as Katy Perry makes the "worlds best cherry pie", I make the "worlds bestest cherry pie". Check it out!


Less is more.

This post is probably more important to myself than to anyone else. Right now, there are a lot of changes in my life and at the same time, I feel like I’m turning around and around till I end where I am already right now. I feel like I’m moving a lot but nothing is moving.

And I want to share the solution with you, that I figured out just now.