Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

What would Thanksgiving be without a pumpkin pie?

Nothing. This pie is made with a nice typical salty (only slightly sweet) crust and a pumpkin filling which has a great texture and is completely free of dairy and even soy!


One Breath, One Movement.

"One Breath, One Movement" - is probably what sums up the past two weeks the best.

But let me sum it up chronologically. This is almost a celebration for me, because on September 21, 2016 my Yoga Experience started, so it's my one year celebration now!


Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Layered Birthdaycake

This is a birthday cake, that is not only made easy but it also tastes so delicious. It is better than any present and it will be the cake on the table, no mater how many other non vegan cakes are there. Let me give you the recipe.


Vegan Dog Cookies

If you feed your dog vegan dog food, you might have a hard time with dog treats. The ones you find in pet shops are not vegan at all, they contain meat and all sorts of slaughterhouse waste (I checked some ingredient lists that even said bonemeal or liver).

Time to make your own dog treats/dog cookies. Its easy and cheap!


The Vegan Volcano

I posted something similar on my german blog and ever since, I have the urge to repost it on my english blog. This is about the "Vegan Volcano". 


Glutenfree guilt free Streusel Oat Bars

Here's a recipe that you should definitely keep in mind next time you are craving something unhealthy sweet and naughty. Why? These incredible oat bars are vegan, gluten-free and low in fat. They are made with natural ingredients only and no white sugar is used. Give them a try, you won't even take a lot of time. They are done in less than 40 minutes and you probably have all the ingredients at home!


Plastic reduction tips

I wanted to write this blogpost for a long time. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of this topic: Plastic. I feel like, every time I start to discuss it with someone, most people just roll with their eyes. They think: Let’s focus on what is actually important, plastic is not on their list.  

I don’t want to sound negative in this post, however I think it is relevant to talk it out. 

The fact is: I try to avoid plastic as much as possible. I’m far away from being a perfect example. My toothbrush is made of plastic. And some foods I buy are wrapped in plastic. My shampoo comes in a plastic bottle.

Still, I find myself turning around in the supermarket in slow motion – and I feel like an alien.

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Moist and delicious fat free vegan Bananacake

Ok this is the best vegan fat free Bananacake I've ever made. Even if you are not vegan, even if you don't care about fat, check this out!

The batter alone is so tasty and I love the simplicity of it. Adding cups of liquid butter used to gross me out, so this is my new alternative for a fast and easy cake.

This is actually a diet cake, considering there is no fat in it, I calculated the macros. 

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Everything has changed. Yoga Teacher Training

I used to think quite different, when someone started to talk about yoga.
Yoga. That weird thing describing an activity somewhere in between Massage, therapy and some Buddhists sitting on round pillows meditating. I didn’t really get the point...